9 Things to Never Talk about on the First Date


A date is meeting and knowing people better than before. The first date is the determinant of the future of the relationship. First dates tell a lot about us hence our mannerisms before, during and after the date matters a lot, bearing in mind that first impressions matters. We need to take our time and get to know and understand the person we are dealing with. Therefore, below are 9 things to avoid talking about on our first dates to make our first dates fun and successful leaving our dates craving many more dates to come;


Don’t: Indulge In Controversial Topics:

When on a first date never talk about sex, past relationships and politics in details as this appears impolite to the person you are having a date with. Instead, just talk generally about life, your family, work, favorite foods and your hobbies.

Never Talk So Much About Yourself :

On a first date avoid monopoly in your conversation. Don’t say everything about you on your first date just yet. Give your partner time to also talk, ask them questions that will make them open up about themselves too.

Never Talk About Other People/Friends On Your First Date:

Avoid cheap gossips. Talking about how your friend is wealthy or bad that causes injustice to your personality instead focus on the both of you.

Never Talk So Much About Your Work And Their Work On Your First Date:

When on your first date talking too much about your work, how bad your boss and co-workers are. Don’t also ask your date details of their work, this is a complete turn off.

On your first date never give Low Esteem Remarks About Yourself:

Everyone wants to associate with people who love themselves and got high self-esteem so hold yourself in high regard. For instance, how do you expect to be loved when you look down upon yourself? Have self-confidence in, no one is perfect.

Don’t: Be Inconsiderate /Rude/Impolite:

During your date, use polite words to the service providers, for instance don’t yell or hurl insults to them even if their services are less of your expectations.

On Your First Date Never Talk About The Wild Parties You Attend:

You want to create a good impression so avoid talking about how wild you got in the pool party you attended, you may end up blowing up everything.

On You First Date Never Talk About Marriage And Kids Just Yet:

Who said anybody you meet on the first day and date wants to marry you? Please don’t scare your date by revealing when you want to get married and how many kids you want.

When On A First Date Never Talk About Your Detailed Health Issues:

You didn’t come for sympathy votes and fund raising so don’t give a detailed account of your health issues. Never talk about your medical condition to someone you have just met on a first date.