We all get to dating blindly but sure to get a potential partner. What we don’t really know is when the partner will come for us to be sure he/she is the one. We flip profile after profile and sending hopeful messages to get a positive feedback. However some of us get bad experiences thinking we got your partner. This guys are good looking and very promising but when you get to see the real them it’s a different case all together. Profile are well organized and nice photos but not same people when you meet. Here the idea points to check in a partner.

  • Have score card: yes after you have had good conversations and a sequences of dates. Range you partner according the score you wanted. Are they meeting your expectation, how happy are you in this gay dating app free? Compare the previous and the current and see where you rate her/him on the score card.
  • Go to various site: look for potential partners in many sites don’t look for particular site. Some site users are not interested in long term relationship. It is no harm to get to know many user.
  • Profile: profile talks a lot about know keep the profile clear and short. Nobody wants to read a lot of pages with a lot of nothing.