The Laws of American Dating

American Dating

Dating in America can be complicated. There are certain rules that a person must follow. Learning the laws of American dating can help a person stay out of trouble and have fun while they are on their dates.

American Dating

The First Date:

American needs to be officially asked out on a date. They do not just want to be asked to hang out or meet up. A first date is often a place where the couple can make small talk. One the first date Americans ask each other questions and these questions are rather upfront. The first date is more like an interview. Sparks may not fly on the first date, rather a person can see if the other is worthy of their attention.


While some people split the bill, the man should be prepared to pay. He should have enough money in order to cover his expenses as well as the expenses of his date. From the second date on the man should be prepared to cover the bill.


If the first date has gone well, it is okay to kiss at the end of the first date. The man is expected to bring the woman home and may even be allowed to walk her to her door. At this time the man may lean in for a kiss. The kiss can be with some tongue. The make-out session may not happen at this time but a full on kiss is acceptable.

The Second Date:

If the first date has gone well a second date is to be expected. For some reason it is not acceptable to be over eager and show too much interest. Instead of calling many people prefer to communicate by text message. Some still consider it unacceptable for the woman to send the first text after the date. She does not want to appear desperate and she wants to appear to be independent. The man is expected to send a text message. There is an unwritten three day rule. Many men wait three days to send this follow up text. He does not want to appear desperate either. After the first date he can send a text saying he has a good time and will be following up with a request for a second date very soon.

Physical Contact:

Sex should never just be expected on a date. No means no. Physical contact should move forward a little at a time. If there is no sexual contact by the fourth date people may start to worry. The conversation about sex should at least take place during this time.

These are some laws to American dating my daughter patreon. If a person is not familiar with the dating rules in this country it can get to be confusing. Everyone wants to appear independent and busy and that is where these time line come into play.