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The Laws of American Dating

Dating in America can be complicated. There are certain rules that a person must follow. Learning the laws of American dating can help a person stay out of trouble and have fun while they are on their dates.

American Dating

The First Date:

American needs to be officially asked out on a date. They do not just want to be asked to hang out or meet up. A first date is often a place where the couple can make small talk. One the first date Americans ask each other questions and these questions are rather upfront. The first date is more like an interview. Sparks may not fly on the first date, rather a person can see if the other is worthy of their attention.


While some people split the bill, the man should be prepared to pay. He should have enough money in order to cover his expenses as well as the expenses of his date. From the second date on the man should be prepared to cover the bill.


If the first date has gone well, it is okay to kiss at the end of the first date. The man is expected to bring the woman home and may even be allowed to walk her to her door. At this time the man may lean in for a kiss. The kiss can be with some tongue. The make-out session may not happen at this time but a full on kiss is acceptable.

The Second Date:

If the first date has gone well a second date is to be expected. For some reason it is not acceptable to be over eager and show too much interest. Instead of calling many people prefer to communicate by text message. Some still consider it unacceptable for the woman to send the first text after the date. She does not want to appear desperate and she wants to appear to be independent. The man is expected to send a text message. There is an unwritten three day rule. Many men wait three days to send this follow up text. He does not want to appear desperate either. After the first date he can send a text saying he has a good time and will be following up with a request for a second date very soon.

Physical Contact:

Sex should never just be expected on a date. No means no. Physical contact should move forward a little at a time. If there is no sexual contact by the fourth date people may start to worry. The conversation about sex should at least take place during this time.

These are some laws to American dating my daughter patreon. If a person is not familiar with the dating rules in this country it can get to be confusing. Everyone wants to appear independent and busy and that is where these time line come into play.


9 Things to Never Talk about on the First Date

A date is meeting and knowing people better than before. The first date is the determinant of the future of the relationship. First dates tell a lot about us hence our mannerisms before, during and after the date matters a lot, bearing in mind that first impressions matters. We need to take our time and get to know and understand the person we are dealing with. Therefore, below are 9 things to avoid talking about on our first dates to make our first dates fun and successful leaving our dates craving many more dates to come;


Don’t: Indulge In Controversial Topics:

When on a first date never talk about sex, past relationships and politics in details as this appears impolite to the person you are having a date with. Instead, just talk generally about life, your family, work, favorite foods and your hobbies.

Never Talk So Much About Yourself :

On a first date avoid monopoly in your conversation. Don’t say everything about you on your first date just yet. Give your partner time to also talk, ask them questions that will make them open up about themselves too.

Never Talk About Other People/Friends On Your First Date:

Avoid cheap gossips. Talking about how your friend is wealthy or bad that causes injustice to your personality instead focus on the both of you.

Never Talk So Much About Your Work And Their Work On Your First Date:

When on your first date talking too much about your work, how bad your boss and co-workers are. Don’t also ask your date details of their work, this is a complete turn off.

On your first date never give Low Esteem Remarks About Yourself:

Everyone wants to associate with people who love themselves and got high self-esteem so hold yourself in high regard. For instance, how do you expect to be loved when you look down upon yourself? Have self-confidence in, no one is perfect.

Don’t: Be Inconsiderate /Rude/Impolite:

During your date, use polite words to the service providers, for instance don’t yell or hurl insults to them even if their services are less of your expectations.

On Your First Date Never Talk About The Wild Parties You Attend:

You want to create a good impression so avoid talking about how wild you got in the pool party you attended, you may end up blowing up everything.

On You First Date Never Talk About Marriage And Kids Just Yet:

Who said anybody you meet on the first day and date wants to marry you? Please don’t scare your date by revealing when you want to get married and how many kids you want.

When On A First Date Never Talk About Your Detailed Health Issues:

You didn’t come for sympathy votes and fund raising so don’t give a detailed account of your health issues. Never talk about your medical condition to someone you have just met on a first date.

The Differences Between Dating British Men vs American Men


Dating is a fantastic experience for both men and ladies. However, men and ladies have different perceptions when it comes to dating. Women specifically tend to observe a lot of details concerning the person they are seeing. One of the significant observations they make is the difference between dating men that are Britons versus having a relationship with American men. A lot of contrasts have been clarified concerning men from the two continents.



Frankly, British men are the best for women who prefer kind and polite partners. Their mode of communication is smooth. The UK men are used to politely speaking to women as compared American men. In fact, British partners do not talk back using mobile phones in case they are at bad terms with their partners. They instead make it to your home so that issues can be settled one on one. American men, on the other hand, are not polite when communicating with women. Kind communication is never their priority.


American men are more confident concerning dating compared to their UK counterparts. They are free and believe in themselves even during the first days of a relationship. American men are good at making the first moves when they are interested in dating. British men hesitate to talk to women they are interested in because they tend to be shy most times. They always believe in relationships that begin with a perfect foundation hence they never want to rush things and end up messing or rejected. UK gentlemen find it difficult to loosen up. Getting to know them during the first days of a relationship can be difficult. They require more time to get comfortable.


British guys are the best in grooming. They are always neat whether they are meeting up with a lady or running their daily errands. They are used to maintaining cleanliness at all times, and it is never a hard task for them. American guys do not care so much about perfect grooming.They can walk around in untucked shirts and shaggy hair which is still okay but not as good as a British man way.

Online Dating:

American men do not pay much attention to online dating American gentlemen are more familiar with meeting a lady in person because they want to be more involved in your life that is, knowing your hobbies, friends, family, things that annoy you and many more. British men are perfect for online dating. They consider online dating serious and can maintain that with one lady without feeling the pressure to involve themselves with a different woman that they see frequently.

Long Distance Relationships:

People dread long distance relationships. Often, two people in long distance relationship part ways because they find it simpler to date partners that they meet frequently. British men are good at long distance relationships. They will maintain constant communication via Skype and other means as long as they have made up their mind. Most American men do not believe in long distance relationships. They might try but change their thoughts along the way.


Ladies observe many details concerning their partners. The differences above are some of the significant observations regarding American and British Men. They might help women who have problems choosing between the two.